Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This will be an ever growing gallery of Fiber Findings, Fabrications, Friends, and my work. Hope you enjoy my collections! Some of these works are for sale, and can be found and purchased on my Etsy page, in the links section of my blog. All people in these pictures agreed to be in them.
the fiber muncher

my dear dad learning to weave, we were having fun teaching ourselves :)

 womens woven cable hat
 red mobius dropstitch cowl
 black lace and lotus hat
 red lace and lotus hat
 seaweed and silk yarn-spun by none other than myself(all yarns pictured will be as well)
 woah overtwist! beautifully overtwisted polworth thick and thin yarn
 reversible cables not-quite-infinity scarf, it comes apart still you can wrap it if you like. modeled by me!
 jess wyman of jess wyman photography and hemp happy jewelry(see links section for website) models my fern leaf hat!
 a hat made for the rich and casual headwear line
 my chevron mitts
 sock display knit for Annes Fiber Expressions in Wisconsin! Slinky Socks!
 Fog yarn, as always spun and dyed by me
 jess in my cardigan!
 jess in the mohair lace bolero top! my own design!
 sunny days prayer shawl
 some rust and rustic roving, just dyed, from a falkland pound
 some of my yarns and me spinning on my Kromski Minstrel
 jess modeling my green vest
 jess in a wonderful short row shrug, she closed her eyes, oopS! I am NOT  a professional photographer
 jess with my alpaca honeycomb pillow!
 jess in a womens green cable cloche
 a nice brown lace headband and earwarmer
 the shawl as its worn! 100% electric blue mohair!

some new thick and thin glitzy yarns !
 the white version of the dropstitch mobius cowl
and some thin and thick white glitz!
I was knitting for like ten hours on this mohair lace shawl, for betty todds mohair in motion in white cloud michigan, but it turned out great! I had a glass of wine(or two) in and lots of hours in this project!

the shawl the long way, it was all leaves, very cool and simple lace pattern!

new secret surprise yarn!

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  1. Kaileen!!! You have some awesome stuff on here! In particular I really dig that Taupe vest. I think I'm going to have to write you when I think of a neat project!