Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Directions

In our lives we have our own individual paths.

In my life, I have always been the adventurer, dream chaser, and perhaps the activist. I have come into this role humbly, and have always taken that which was shown to me at the opportune moment.

Our lives are ever-changing, expanding and condensing. Living organisms mutating under wonderful, mystical, and even painful circumstances. 

I have been to a few places in my life, which have taught me new lessons and put new variables and values into my life. Knowledge, both factual and emotional, was always the drawing thread; a constant. My propensity to achieve these records has lead me to many a discovery in life. 

Life comes from the smallest possible places, atoms and molecules moving in orchestral harmony to produce breathe and life for our being. 

Beings inhabiting this beautiful globe, functioning together in this swirling proto-mania that we have decidedly created in our midst. We have the up most ability to bring to life many endeavors: love, lust, greed, legislation, hope, abandonment. Each moment spent in these harbors of our imagination brings us to our next greatest moment, our thoughts and new phases of devotion. Our minds produce for us a visual reality, our story, our side of the coin. The best representation that we can account for in our moments; even the betraying moments of denial when we are so juxtaposed from ourselves to bring about a light that is not even real or complete. The quiet contemplating moments, times of distraction and mediation, even the dissonant feature at the point of volatility. A buzzing in the brain which resonates to a frequency thin and tinny-unrelenting and pushing us to our max. The pulsating notion to move on and to feel alive in our skins; needing to release the tensions of life and feel fruitful, the promise of future. 

Comforts taken in quality of life, things we can control, have become our vehicle to self-reliance. Instant gratification of friendships, love, food, sex, and even political power has taken on a face in our society that has become a major misnomer, and blocks our personal receptors of self-actualization. Chemically, physically, and philosophically we have shifted to a body of beings governed by gratification. We are no longer allowing ourselves to govern our lives in context, making us a socially unconscious group. Just as we are to live and love in conscious relationships we are to govern our minds, lives, and choices in what is truly vital to our beings. A strength in our children and people that will bring forth an elevated level of satisfaction in knowing that we are all truly participating in this life instead of letting life drag us along with the promise of the new disposable product to "make it better". 

These false material gains show us that denial of self. They bring about the path which allows for gluttonous consumption rather than tools being used to build a life. Truth lies in the balance. We as humans have this inherent ability to judge for ourselves beyond the need of the individual. We need to look forward, to tomorrow. Keeping our vigils ever strong in our hearts for the possibilities of life on the new horizon. Each person climbing their own mountains, with their own skills, moving toward that point of purpose and realization. 

Normally, this post should be about knitting, spinning, dying and beautiful projects. Today though, there is a message that needs to be brought into existence, if only momentarily. The seeds have to be planted.

Tomorrow's future depends on today's students of life. We need to look beyond ourselves and think clearly about what we know, what we've learned, and how to apply it.

Knitters: Teach a new knitter something. Consider for a moment that you are currently participating actively in one of the oldest forms of creation. That you have a defined skill set that is ever evolving, organically coming to light and you have spent time refining your trade. That you, as a student of life, have the ability to make something beautiful from string. Wrapping and looping, that ball of string that is soft, will clothe your heirs, your loves; perhaps someone you don't even know upon donation. That you, have created intrinsic value from something that perhaps was a marketing tool for someone else, and you have taken that "product" and made it something infused with love and care and nurtured it until it was something real that made a difference in the life of the recipient. As knitters and spinners we are a well-trained group of craftspeople, we are the survivors. We are those that will clothe the world upon upheaval. We can make conscious decisions because we have trained ourselves in self-evaluation on such a minute level. BE CONSCIOUS. LOVE. CHOOSE YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER EVERYDAY.

Non Knitters: Talk to someone about what is happening in your lives; something real. Reach into yourself and think about your position just for a moment, and how you can improve the life of yourself and that person that you care about. You may not be a knitter but you have the same skill set. Self-evaluation is an inherent part of the human mindset. We are here to Shepard this Earth into the future. We cannot turn our backs on our minds, our families, and our planet. One decision begins the reaction in your life. One time to choose your life. One time to CHOOSE TODAY. BE PRESENT.

Each person needs to think for themselves, and teach their children critical thinking and analytic skills. Each person is responsible for themselves. Every moment that we are gifted in this rolling wind we call life is not guaranteed. 

This life passes swiftly, why not be the participant rather than the victim?

Where is the wind taking you?

"The dreams you seek are straight ahead in every direction, just take the leap and you're free..."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Almost There!!!


I am so happy to say that we are gaining momentum and are getting close to the finish.

In a few short months, I will graduate FIDM Los Angeles. In the meantime, I will have another birthday, do the runway show, and make major progress on some work that has been hanging around lately. I have had many amazing opportunities through FIDM, and have learned far more than I could have imagined. I am ready to graduate and bring my skills into the world at their fullest extent.

I've been super busy lately, and have had nearly no time for anything. School all day, work all night, knitting, new side project development, and when do you do the homework? Well, it all works out in the end. I did get to have a girly day with one of my dear friends yesterday, and that has helped tremendously.

My new project, along with my partner (Darwin), is in the works. We are really excited, bc it will mean a new way of thinking about knitting, pattern making, and the ease of creating beautiful garments. Although the project is not complete, we are currently working on a Website to host the final product. This site will be revised a million times between now and official launch date, but you may feel free to drop in and see it as the dust and construction are flying everywhere!

Also, I would love to take some recommendations from you yarnies, ravelers, people who don't knit at all too. If you have a yarn that you love, a colorway, a brand, a sweater style, please send me anything you love that you want to see more of. I will file them away, sort them, and integrate them as much as possible to my project and work on developing new paths and more knitwonders!

Any inspirations, yarn recommendations, sweater love can be sent to:

Any of you with yarnshops you love, please send their info as well and I will be in touch with them.

So, boys and girls, I am thrilled for the new year, and new opportunity ahead, and hope you will all join me in its wonderful reveals!!



The chair and dress for the CHAIRING STYLES competition have finished, and they are GORGEOUS!!! The line, the balance, the unity! Our team did an amazing job and I can't wait to post the pics!! Runway reveal is March 19-21, at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica California. Let me know if you would like tickets and I will get you the link so you can see our fabulous products in person :)

A HUGEMONGOUS SHOUTOUT to my dear friends Heather Bagan for her Interior Design interpretation of The Fertile Vine, and Duston Jasso for his Fashion Design interpretation of The Fertile Vine.

Our mini collection was inspired by the Suzani. Suzani is a traditional wedding blanket gifted to the bridegroom as a dowry. Traditionally, middle eastern women would design a pattern rich in symbols of fertility, fidelity, and love to be appliqued to fabric. The design was then drawn onto the fabric, which was cut into strips. Women of the brides family, (mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers) would then embroider and applique onto the fabric and dye the pieces. When the blanket was sewn back together, it was rich in generations of love and fidelity and would then be gifted as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the new couple.

We cannot wait to show the world what we have accomplished and what we have learned.

Thank you so much to Cotton Inc. for providing the yarns, the milling, and the weaving of my fabric.

OK guys, thanks for reading, and keep checking back because there are many new things to come!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Wow! What a quick year that was. I haven't been here in a while, namely because I haven't had much time. However, I feel that there are some things that should be shaken out for everyone due to the coming new year and all of the new projects to be unveiled! (Hopefully not unraveled, hehehehe...)

Without further ado...

My dear partner, Darwin Minard, has begun a blog of political interest entitled, "The Common Sense". Now, when I say that, you're thinking dry and uninspiring. (I don't normally get into politics, however, this is a special case.)
The information being presented will cause you to reflect on your life, and see what is happening within our current political system. This current state of our nation is appalling and we should really reflect on ourselves as well as our choices. If for nothing else than to become more educated about our environment and what we are contributing to it.
That being said, Darwin has begun to lay out some thought-provoking media and will provide a ground for discussions.

See his blog here---->

I am extremely proud of him and of his endeavors, and can not wait to see where it all goes. We will be going forward into the year full force, and look forward to bringing you all along for the ride.

As well, I have a few announcements of my own to make.
This year I have worked quite a bit, and have been going to school in Los Angeles, California. I have moved in with the love of my life, and have gained a new position in the Knitwear Department at American Apparel. I have temporarily closed my shop on Etsy due to high demand of school and a full time job, however, I will take orders if you would desperately love something.

Requests may be directed to

My shop will reopen during break weeks from school, which is about three months or so.

Also, as soon as I receive it, I will be posting live footage of the FIDM Debut Runway show, in which I will show a fabric designed by yours truly for the Chairing Styles competition! I will also be creating some special one of a kind limited run items from the mill ends of my fabric, which will go straight to my Etsy store at the time of the video release, so be sure to check that out!

Well, that about wraps for right now. I'll be sure to include some pictures of my recent work and this years Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in my next post, which will be sometime around New Years. It will also bring us back to the love of knitting.

See ya!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Orders, designs and fun stuff!

So, remember when I said I've been kinda busy? Well, it was an understatement. I have a few orders right now that are flying off the needles and I have a rather large spinning order to work up right now. However, that does not mean my creativity is not boiling over!

Apart from my family moving cross county, and me getting ready to move cross country, I am still knitting and spinning. I recently took on a project for a friend that includes 2000 spun yards of Imperial Stock Ranch wool, to be 2-plied as a worstead. It is spinning up beautifully. I am also working on my own novelty yarn for the Jefferson WI Sheep and Wool Festival, in September!!! It is going to be sooo fun! Locks and mulit-color varigation! Can't even wait!

What have I been knitting?
Well, let me tell you:
A dear friend of mine, Jessica Wyman (of Jessica Wyman Photography and Jewelry- link at bottom of page) who has recently become preggers. Yes, she is having a beautiful boy, Steven Daniel Tasker. I am so excited to see my nephew its not even funny. I'm already enamored with him. So, I of course have begun the baby pattern search, which is interesting because I have never knit baby toys or clothes until now. The small stitch count and rolling patterns are just adorable I must say. SO. I have been into the Pembroke Vest, by Kirsten Kapur. I started knitting it in Totally Taupe, by SimpliWorsted-Skacel. However, my father's friend saw it and fell in love with the color. The sad part of this story, is that my LYS only had ONE MORE SKEIN. I would have needed two more to finish the vest I had in progress, and knit Audra's Baby Sophisticate Sweater that she now wanted to order. :/ So, I frogged it. And began again in a lovely green. 

I have now turned out two lovely Baby Sophisticate Sweaters, one for Etsy, and one for my dear friend Audra. Both can be viewed on my ravelry. Beside the sweaters and vest, I have been working to finish up my personal Nimbus Cardigan, by Anne Modessitt. It is coming along swiftly, and I am now halfway done with the first arm. I've already completed the body and hood. Yeay! 

I have another Sunny Day Prayer Shawl on the needles for Betty Todd of Mohair In Motion, and recently have completed a Rosebud Shawl for her as well. The rosebud is constructed of 100% PURE SILK from India, and was a dream to work with! 

I have finished a late birthday present for my dear sister Erin Siobhan, a mohair dropped stitch shawl, patterned The Silver Strand from the book Knitting in the Sun.  She loves the color and thinks its soooo soft and airy, it was fun to knit and pretty simple. 

Teaching! Recently, my boyfriend expressed an interest in learning how I do all this, so naturally, I taught him.Since he grew quickly in his skill, we have been working on some knits from Stephen West. I worked up a quick cowl from the Windscheif Pattern, and am now working up the hat in a gorgeous Cascade sport weight olive green. Aaron is working the hat pattern in a wonderful heathered wine color, and I will certainly take a picture of his wip as well. 

Crochet has also finally won a place in my heart, and I completed a women's breezy cover up, in a bamboo rayon blend with peek-a-boo sleeves, modeled here by miss Erin Siobhan.

Then there was the spiral cowl. A soft, lofty cowl knit in Mystic Purple colorway of Cascade Sport. I finished it will floral silver buttons, and it is dreamy and so cozy!

Whew! And that's just what's finished!!!
My recent inspirations have turned me to finish my Olivier Pullover (Interweave Knits Weekend 2010), and get yet more new woolies clicking away! I've recently downloaded the Kex Scarf, blanket and hat by Stephen West of WestKnits, and The Timberline Cardigan by Jarred Flood(Brooklyn Tweed). These men really know how to knit! I also have the Aragorn sock pattern (yes you LoR fans, I said Aragorn) ready and waitiing and will be donning some new stockings soon enough!

Aug 17- My dear friend Tabby is getting hitched, I will be in Michigan, touring yarn shops of course and seeing old friends.
Aug 24- I go pick out my home in Los Angeles, Californina
September 4-8 - I will be JUDGING  the Creative Design Contest at the annual Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jeffereson Wisconsin. Bring out your creative natural designs and win some prizes!!
September 20- Move to LA!!!! AHHH! Look out Cali!

I will be showing some swatches soon of my recent designs, and hopefully you all will love them! And for now, I think that's all, be ready for more pics and fun to come! Talk to you Soon!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hey, lets change the pace...


Whew, made it back. So, there has been alot of excitement lately. For those of you who are unaware, I recently flew to California. I know, you're thinking, vaca right? NOPE. Actually, I flew out to interview with the textile department for FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles California. SO, I got to show off some of my favorite wooly creations, and they were impressed. So impressed that they accepted me as one of the FEW knitting students of the Professional Knitwear Design Program. Upon completion of my courses and internships :D:D I will go on to become a designer of knitwear  and the world of fashionable knits opens to me! Needless to say, I am really excited for this! I also have sent in a pattern of mine to be reviewed in a local publication....cant say which yet, not firmed up.

You may ask, what have you been doing in the rest of the time? Well, I have taken a part time job to supplement for my move, and have been diligently knitting. I have been working out the kinks on 6 of my large scale designs, and have nearly completed a sweater for......ME!!! I've done a few more works for the knitting shops and can't wait to post all the pictures! I've also been reviewing some new LYS(local yarn shops) in the Southern LA area, which I am preparing to frequent.

Then, there's the spinning. Oh yeah, spinning. My love of yarn is ever growing, and being able to create it is a privilege to me. I've worked up some multi-color yarns and will be posting posting posting.......
Yeay! I'm so excited to show you!

Also, I have started a denim repurpose project. It involves VHS tapes and some recycled denim blue jeans, not just blue, but multiple shades. So you can expect to see some new items in my Etsy shop, I have many new ideas as always, but the development and production part take some time!

Be sure to check out also. Alana Dakos is a very inspiring knitwear designer and I am in love with her podcast!!! All you knitters out there will love it!

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to check out the new pics and new shop items

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey There Everybody!!

Hey there everybody! Sorry about the super duper delay in posting. I have been SUPER BUSY. Orders have been crazy, we've had some losses, some new beginnings, and some great great new additions!! I also have some super news for all you followers! I will be reposting in a few days with all the details as things have not been finalized. So, stay tuned, because big news and great accomplishments are coming!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This will be an ever growing gallery of Fiber Findings, Fabrications, Friends, and my work. Hope you enjoy my collections! Some of these works are for sale, and can be found and purchased on my Etsy page, in the links section of my blog. All people in these pictures agreed to be in them.
the fiber muncher

my dear dad learning to weave, we were having fun teaching ourselves :)

 womens woven cable hat
 red mobius dropstitch cowl
 black lace and lotus hat
 red lace and lotus hat
 seaweed and silk yarn-spun by none other than myself(all yarns pictured will be as well)
 woah overtwist! beautifully overtwisted polworth thick and thin yarn
 reversible cables not-quite-infinity scarf, it comes apart still you can wrap it if you like. modeled by me!
 jess wyman of jess wyman photography and hemp happy jewelry(see links section for website) models my fern leaf hat!
 a hat made for the rich and casual headwear line
 my chevron mitts
 sock display knit for Annes Fiber Expressions in Wisconsin! Slinky Socks!
 Fog yarn, as always spun and dyed by me
 jess in my cardigan!
 jess in the mohair lace bolero top! my own design!
 sunny days prayer shawl
 some rust and rustic roving, just dyed, from a falkland pound
 some of my yarns and me spinning on my Kromski Minstrel
 jess modeling my green vest
 jess in a wonderful short row shrug, she closed her eyes, oopS! I am NOT  a professional photographer
 jess with my alpaca honeycomb pillow!
 jess in a womens green cable cloche
 a nice brown lace headband and earwarmer
 the shawl as its worn! 100% electric blue mohair!

some new thick and thin glitzy yarns !
 the white version of the dropstitch mobius cowl
and some thin and thick white glitz!
I was knitting for like ten hours on this mohair lace shawl, for betty todds mohair in motion in white cloud michigan, but it turned out great! I had a glass of wine(or two) in and lots of hours in this project!

the shawl the long way, it was all leaves, very cool and simple lace pattern!

new secret surprise yarn!