Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Wow! What a quick year that was. I haven't been here in a while, namely because I haven't had much time. However, I feel that there are some things that should be shaken out for everyone due to the coming new year and all of the new projects to be unveiled! (Hopefully not unraveled, hehehehe...)

Without further ado...

My dear partner, Darwin Minard, has begun a blog of political interest entitled, "The Common Sense". Now, when I say that, you're thinking dry and uninspiring. (I don't normally get into politics, however, this is a special case.)
The information being presented will cause you to reflect on your life, and see what is happening within our current political system. This current state of our nation is appalling and we should really reflect on ourselves as well as our choices. If for nothing else than to become more educated about our environment and what we are contributing to it.
That being said, Darwin has begun to lay out some thought-provoking media and will provide a ground for discussions.

See his blog here----> http://darwinner.tumblr.com/post/106586504201/the-big-game

I am extremely proud of him and of his endeavors, and can not wait to see where it all goes. We will be going forward into the year full force, and look forward to bringing you all along for the ride.

As well, I have a few announcements of my own to make.
This year I have worked quite a bit, and have been going to school in Los Angeles, California. I have moved in with the love of my life, and have gained a new position in the Knitwear Department at American Apparel. I have temporarily closed my shop on Etsy due to high demand of school and a full time job, however, I will take orders if you would desperately love something.

Requests may be directed to shanahanfibers@gmail.com.

My shop will reopen during break weeks from school, which is about three months or so.

Also, as soon as I receive it, I will be posting live footage of the FIDM Debut Runway show, in which I will show a fabric designed by yours truly for the Chairing Styles competition! I will also be creating some special one of a kind limited run items from the mill ends of my fabric, which will go straight to my Etsy store at the time of the video release, so be sure to check that out!

Well, that about wraps for right now. I'll be sure to include some pictures of my recent work and this years Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in my next post, which will be sometime around New Years. It will also bring us back to the love of knitting.

See ya!

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