Monday, July 15, 2013

Orders, designs and fun stuff!

So, remember when I said I've been kinda busy? Well, it was an understatement. I have a few orders right now that are flying off the needles and I have a rather large spinning order to work up right now. However, that does not mean my creativity is not boiling over!

Apart from my family moving cross county, and me getting ready to move cross country, I am still knitting and spinning. I recently took on a project for a friend that includes 2000 spun yards of Imperial Stock Ranch wool, to be 2-plied as a worstead. It is spinning up beautifully. I am also working on my own novelty yarn for the Jefferson WI Sheep and Wool Festival, in September!!! It is going to be sooo fun! Locks and mulit-color varigation! Can't even wait!

What have I been knitting?
Well, let me tell you:
A dear friend of mine, Jessica Wyman (of Jessica Wyman Photography and Jewelry- link at bottom of page) who has recently become preggers. Yes, she is having a beautiful boy, Steven Daniel Tasker. I am so excited to see my nephew its not even funny. I'm already enamored with him. So, I of course have begun the baby pattern search, which is interesting because I have never knit baby toys or clothes until now. The small stitch count and rolling patterns are just adorable I must say. SO. I have been into the Pembroke Vest, by Kirsten Kapur. I started knitting it in Totally Taupe, by SimpliWorsted-Skacel. However, my father's friend saw it and fell in love with the color. The sad part of this story, is that my LYS only had ONE MORE SKEIN. I would have needed two more to finish the vest I had in progress, and knit Audra's Baby Sophisticate Sweater that she now wanted to order. :/ So, I frogged it. And began again in a lovely green. 

I have now turned out two lovely Baby Sophisticate Sweaters, one for Etsy, and one for my dear friend Audra. Both can be viewed on my ravelry. Beside the sweaters and vest, I have been working to finish up my personal Nimbus Cardigan, by Anne Modessitt. It is coming along swiftly, and I am now halfway done with the first arm. I've already completed the body and hood. Yeay! 

I have another Sunny Day Prayer Shawl on the needles for Betty Todd of Mohair In Motion, and recently have completed a Rosebud Shawl for her as well. The rosebud is constructed of 100% PURE SILK from India, and was a dream to work with! 

I have finished a late birthday present for my dear sister Erin Siobhan, a mohair dropped stitch shawl, patterned The Silver Strand from the book Knitting in the Sun.  She loves the color and thinks its soooo soft and airy, it was fun to knit and pretty simple. 

Teaching! Recently, my boyfriend expressed an interest in learning how I do all this, so naturally, I taught him.Since he grew quickly in his skill, we have been working on some knits from Stephen West. I worked up a quick cowl from the Windscheif Pattern, and am now working up the hat in a gorgeous Cascade sport weight olive green. Aaron is working the hat pattern in a wonderful heathered wine color, and I will certainly take a picture of his wip as well. 

Crochet has also finally won a place in my heart, and I completed a women's breezy cover up, in a bamboo rayon blend with peek-a-boo sleeves, modeled here by miss Erin Siobhan.

Then there was the spiral cowl. A soft, lofty cowl knit in Mystic Purple colorway of Cascade Sport. I finished it will floral silver buttons, and it is dreamy and so cozy!

Whew! And that's just what's finished!!!
My recent inspirations have turned me to finish my Olivier Pullover (Interweave Knits Weekend 2010), and get yet more new woolies clicking away! I've recently downloaded the Kex Scarf, blanket and hat by Stephen West of WestKnits, and The Timberline Cardigan by Jarred Flood(Brooklyn Tweed). These men really know how to knit! I also have the Aragorn sock pattern (yes you LoR fans, I said Aragorn) ready and waitiing and will be donning some new stockings soon enough!

Aug 17- My dear friend Tabby is getting hitched, I will be in Michigan, touring yarn shops of course and seeing old friends.
Aug 24- I go pick out my home in Los Angeles, Californina
September 4-8 - I will be JUDGING  the Creative Design Contest at the annual Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jeffereson Wisconsin. Bring out your creative natural designs and win some prizes!!
September 20- Move to LA!!!! AHHH! Look out Cali!

I will be showing some swatches soon of my recent designs, and hopefully you all will love them! And for now, I think that's all, be ready for more pics and fun to come! Talk to you Soon!


  1. Loving to see all your projects! They are going to love your creativity in Cali. That is seriously a TON of projects. I'm am tempted to start crocheting again or learning how to knit...hmmmm.

  2. Hey there supernova! Busy busy busy! I love checking out pics of all the things you've been working on. I'm so lucky to have such a talented friend:) Don't forget me as you become rich and famous. Maybe I can work for you someday, lol. Proud you you! Loveeee the shawls! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Kaileen I have no idea how you manage to stay so busy and still remain (relatively) sane! You do amazing stuff and I love having a friend that I can brag about. Keep it up, boss.

  4. I love the hat! And that silk prayer shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Keep up the fantastic work!